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manoli Pre-Sale   |   this is how it works

We guarantee that you will receive your scarf before Christmas 2018 — no matter where you are in the world.

This is how it works:

  1. 10% Pre-Sale Discount until 10.12.2018
  2. Select the model of your scarf
  3. Select the color for your scarf *
  4. We will weave your scarf
  5. You will receive your scarf by post before Christmas

You do not have to make the final color choice until you can see all models and colors in our online shop as from 10.12.2018.

Of course, you can exchange your scarf if you are not happy with the color you received.



Delivery December 2018
    As a Thank You we will include in every sending a small, typical gift from Nepal - let us surprise you.

Model  Ella

Model Charles

Model LouLou

Model Jasper

Model Madeleine

Model "Switzerland"

manoli   |   The Project

Transparent, open and fair. For everyone.

Swiss precision meets Nepalese tradition.

Pure cashmere from the Himalayas, hand-harvested and hand-woven in Kathmandu.
manoli scarves - five styles, available in twelve colors.

Each scarf is made in Kathmandu using traditional looms. We only use pure, select cashmere sourced directly from local shepherds in the Himalayas.

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We care about you

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