manoli - manufactory

manili progressbar for building manufacturing unit

Manoli would like to have his scarves woven in his own factory in the future. To do this, we set aside 20% of the sales price of each scarf sold.

This should enable us to continually improve our production. The factory should also become a place for knowledge exchange.

We want to share the knowledge of Swiss Cashmere goat breeders with the shepherds in Nepal so that they can breed their goats better. We hope that this will result in better quality wool and a higher yield per goat.

In this way, we want to ensure that we need fewer goats for the same amount of cashmere and so do not put any additional strain on the fragile ecosystem in the Himalayas.

We imagine a factory that, in addition to lots of light and fresh air, is a pleasant place to work even in winter, heated and not too loud.

It is also important to us that we can give our women in the team the opportunity to let their children play in our own after-school care center and thus have the security that the children are nearby and in good hands. This means that a baby should no longer be a reason for not being able to ride - the mother can breastfeed it at any time. Of course, we value a sufficiently long maternity break - this is also previously unknown in Nepal.

We estimate the costs for the manufacture to be around CHF 260,000.

We also need a sewage treatment plant

In addition, we would like to create a water treatment plant for our wastewater, which we would also like to connect to as many residents as possible - this does not yet exist in Kathmandu, all wastewater goes directly into the rivers without being treated. The costs for a sewage treatment system amount to a good CHF 120,000.

We are therefore currently anticipating a total expenditure of around half a million francs - which requires us to sell around 15,000 scarves. We are looking forward to this great challenge!