Radical transparency

Radical transparency

manoli has made “Radical Transparency” its guiding principle and would like to give you an insight into our supply chain, show you all the costs for each scarf transparently and of course from the origin of the cashmere with the goats and their shepherds to the production costs and the profit margin.

We believe that you too only want to buy good things that are not “tainted” by the exploitation of employees. The fact that at most fashion labels today we are essentially asking others to pay the environmental and social price of our clothing makes it only logical for us at manoli to be completely transparent.

The more shed light on how items are made, the more people will question the process and so we hope that in the longer term this will put larger companies under pressure to improve their own processes.

"Radical transparency" is intended to create a culture that is direct and honest in the communication and exchange of our corporate strategy, so that you can trust our continuous development.

As an ethical label, we believe in radical price transparency and therefore offer you an insight into the supply chain by displaying the cost of each scarf.

We believe that “masking” what happens when you make a garment is the reason why all these bad things happen in the fashion industry.

You will find an overview of all of our scarves, such as the Ella model.

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